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Latest Xanga weblog from xoxoadriii
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    i love knowing that you miss me. it's what motivates me to keep going on with life.
    if i thought you didn't think of me, life wouldn't be worth it anymore.


    every thing's falling apart. nothing good ever stays around long. i thought for once, you'd be someone to stick around for a change. but no, look what you did. you broke down another girl who couldn't afford another tear in her heart.


    high school changes people so much. you find the sweet ones are total bitches, the prude ones are the new sluts, the albino ones had some fun rolling around in nacho cheese, and the lost ones are the ones that spend their live being high.


    it's easier to quit, then work your ass off on something. so, i just give up on you.

    if you don't want to hurt me, then why are you still doing it? you're so fucking confusing, but at the same time, i understand you.

    i'm sorry for being nice and honest, for never hurting you. for always being there for you, and relating to your problems. i'm sorry that i actually cared, and said all those things you wanted to hear. i'm sorry for being a girl who cared so much.



    it's love that you want, but not love that you give

    you're sorry for what? being an asshole? because you're doing it again.

    insult any one of my friends. i don't care who you are, but i'll lose all respect towards you.

    don't waste your tears on someone who won't do the same for you.

    you never know how something important is to you until you lose it.

    everything does fall apart eventually. and that's when you break down, and cry yourself to sleep for so long. that's when you have the urge to text someone because you want someone to be there for you. that's when you start thinking "fml, i'm better off dead." but honestly, you need to look at the brighter side. there's always good that comes with the bad. things are only falling apart because soon, new things will fall into place, better things that will make you forget about what hurt you. so don't cry baby girl, you'll get over this. it's just a phase in life.

    there's always going to be that someone who will always let you down. no matter what. when you least expect it, they'll be there. just watching you fall. they pick you up, just to watch you fall right back down. but when they try to help you up, kick them in the gut and walk the hell away. and get on with your life, because there's better people out there.

    stick up for your friends, even if it does involve getting yourself hurt. who cares? if your friends are always there for you, you should do the same for them. no matter what the consequence is.

    there are so many bitches in this world. i'm ashamed to even be a part of Earth. let's all move to Mars.

    you can talk as much shit on me as you like, but it won't change they way i think or am one bit. why should i care about what someone has to say if they don't even know me? if they can't even say it to my face? obviously, they're talking shit for the joy of it because they have no need to judge me unless they've lived my life. which i'm pretty sure they haven't.

    build a bridge. and instead of going over it, i want you to fall through it.


    there’s always someone who’s gonna try and ruin your happiness. maybe because they were once happy, but now you have something that meant so much to them. block all that shit out, and remember you’re worth all you have, so don’t let a jealous bitch bring you down.


    i feel sorry for any girl that gets you next. not only is she getting sloppy seconds, but he's gonna break her heart as well. it's not a promise. it's the truth. it's complete reality. it's what everyone expects from him. and he'll give his fans what they wants to see.

    stop sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself. you're never going to get better if you keep shutting yourself out, along with all those people who care about you. go out with friends, meet new people. it's what you need to start over and be happy again.

    i remember telling people that i was never gonna get over the asshole who cheated on me. i remember telling them they were insane to ever think i'd be better off without him. but then i took the first step. i smiled. i faked it at first but then it started to come naturally. that's when i realized i was doing so much better without him. it was still a little hard, it took me months. but i find myself writing this now, months later, and i'm perfectly happy with myself. not having him in my life is so much better and finally being able to say i'm over him and don't love him, and meaning it, it was somewhat worth the pain, because in the end, i learned something.

    so many people told me what you were gonna do. what you're intention was. well, you did do what people expected of you. but you did something no one ever thought you would. you apologized. that's when you caught my heart. you felt bad, sorry, and like a total ass for hurting me. but what hurts now is that you're doing it again.

    As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.


    just wait until summer comes. just the way you wake up in the morning is 10x better than the way you wake up now. just keep counting down to those days when you're finally free, of everything. from drama, from guys, girls. everything. once summer's here i guarantee you, you'll be doing so much better.


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    you can tell a girl she's beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and everything else she likes to hear. you can be honest, or you can lie to her about it. you can also tell a girl you want her, mean it, or make it up. at that point, you're either starting to hurt her, or getting her on the verge to loving you. but, you can also tell a girl you love her. and if you do this, you can only mean it. because if you say i love you to a girl and don't mean it, you must be some type of a horrible person to ever be so cruel to someone who loves you.


    sometimes, life just takes a turn in the road. you've been going straight and everything's going well, but suddenly you forget to push on the brakes when you see something in front of you, and you crash. and you crash hard. that's when life turns to the unexpected, and you turn into that person you swore you'd never become. you start doing those things you said you'd never do, and that's when you notice you haven't been living life to its fullest. there's a lot more than faking a smile.


    i swear karma had to poses most of the people at my school. legit. everywhere you turn, there's some bitch starting something. if something's "done", then shut the fuck up about it and move on. seriously. you're in high school. learn how to act more mature than that.

    you might be a bitch, but karma's a bigger bitch, so let her do her job.

    when you truly love someone, you want them to be happy. sometimes even happier than you. you want them to never hurt, you want the best for them.


    girls are the ones who have to be listened to, understood, held. girls are the one's who should have their tears wiped off. they're not supposed to act like the guy for their guy. no, that's the guys job. and if he's acting like a little dick, and trying to be the girl. kick him out, no mater how hard it hurts. you deserve better.


    every hello is going to hurt. there's a goodbye with every hello you say. no matter what, the hello you give to that one special guy, it's going to hurt in the future.  maybe not just on your part, but on his to. maybe that's why some people just keep to themselves because they don't want to have to say hello, and goodbye.

    i honestly can not wait for summer. i gave up on school long ago, and i'm just fed up with all the bitches at my school. summer on the other hand, i wake up knowing i'm stress free for the day. it feels so good.


    teenagers spend their lives: laughing till they cry,
    smoking till they rot,
    drinking till they pass out,
    fucking till they fail,
    crying till they cut,
    partying till it goes wrong,
    hiding till they're found,
    fighting till they get fought,
    and swearing because they NEVER give up.


    i used to think we were enemies. now, you're all i can look up to.

    you shouldn't cry over other people. those who are worth your tears won't make you cry,
    and those who make you cry, aren't worth your tears.


    there's something out there that takes all the pain away. just for a little thought. but the more you do it, the more time you have of no pain. you have no emotions while you're at it. you're carefree, amazing. up in the clouds.


    it's funny how you think you got the best of me. how you think you left me standing there. for a little, you did. i was paralyzed, i couldn't do anything without you. but suddenly, i slowly started to move. without you. that's what hit you in the face. do yo see how much of an asshole you are? hopefully you know you can't get the best of me, because the best is still yet to come, and it doesn't involve anything with you.


    we're both doing fine without each other. actually, i'm doing pretty darn well without you. better than ever. yet you, you're still yourself. happy in a way, but i wish you could never be happy again after what you did to me. 

    sweetie, if you can't live without him, then you wouldn't be breathing right now. so shut the fuck up.


    promises don't mean anything to anyone anymore, but they still mean the world to me. standing up for your best friend is something you don't see all that often anymore, but that's still important to me. i might change a lot, and i might have my moments. but no matter what, i'll always be there for my friends. and that's a promise i'm willing to keep, forever.


    4/20 : like a second birthday for most people.
    4/21 : like a living hell for most people.


    God put us on this Earth with just one intention. he wants us to find our other half, find love, and make new children for his kingdom. then when we're done with what he wanted us to do, he wants us to live happily with him in heaven, and let our children take over. but the ne's that don't do so well, and let the devil get to them, God doesn't want to live with them. the Devil's the only one who wants them, to use them, to push them.

    if love isn't a game, then why are their so many players?

    i knew you'd come back. i knew she was controlling you.  i knew from the start that you weren't an ass. that we had something going, falling into place. i knew we'd find each other someday, and that you'd make my world all bright again.


    there's those days, that you just can't help but cry. cry for yourself, cry for your best friend, the people you love, and even sometimes the people you hate. growing up is hard, but in the end, it's all worth it.


    have you ever wondered what other people will look like and turn out to be in the future? who you're gonna take with you to your high school reunion? who turned out to be the porn star, the one living under a bridge, or the successful one? it's funny to imagine shit.

    this might kill me, but i'd risk it all for you.




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    i remember the first time i told you i liked you. i remember the first time you made me anxious while i waited for your answer. i remember our first kiss, how awkward but sweet it was, and how the ones after it made up for the first time. i remember the feeling, the one i never felt before, and expressing it to you. i remember the first time i told you "i love you", and how happy i was when you said it back. i remember the way we looked at each other from that moment on, like we knew the biggest secret in the world. i remember the first time you hurt me. the first time you broke my heart. i remember how everything feel apart after that. i remember crying for months straight, and i remember recovering from it all. and when i look back at this, i remember how much i still love you.

    One day, you're going to want that girl. That girl that knew she wasn't perfect, but tried to be perfect for you. The girl that believed the scrapes of you she was given were worth it, because something was better than nothing. That girl who wanted nothing more than to be there for you, and loving you was the only way she could. the girl who sees your flaws, but values them as much as your strengths. That girl who still can't bring herself to hate you, even though sometimes, you probably deserve it. That girl who saw past your pretty eyes and treasured parts of you that no one else has ever appreciated. The girl who realizes she may never have your heart, but will carry the image of you in hers forever. The girl that sees this and still loves you. The girl that should have you, but doesn't even though she deserves it.

    i tell everyone that if you came back to me,  i’d hurt you and play you just like you did to me.
    truth be told; i could never do that to you.


    I know a lot of people know who he is, but I also know there are not that many who got to see the side of the guy that I did. And that guy, well,  I'll never forget him, never. I've learned so much about life and emotion from  knowing him and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Your heart needs to go  through some bumps like these in order to make it through. Besides, no  matter what he's done or not done, he had the biggest impact on me this past year. And I know no matter how many years go by, my stomach will always do a little flip whenever I see that face.


    Don't give up, okay? I know you've been hurt, I know how it feels. Believe me, 

    I do. But the feeling will pass. The tears will stop falling. Your heart will heal 
    I promise you it will, so hold on. Don't let go, don't lose hope because 
i promise
    you'll find someone who will treat you right the way he never did. 
someone who
    will never leave you, the way he did. he'll be worth the wait,
    so hang in there because I love you and I want you to be happy.


    I’m scared because I don’t want anyone else to have your heart, I don’t want anyone else to kiss your lips, I don’t want anyone to be in your arms, I don’t want anyone but me to be the one you love. But most of all, I’m scared because I don’t want anyone else to take the place that used to be mine.


    the girl who seemed unbreakable; broke
    the girl who seemed so strong; crumbled
    the girl who always laughed it off; cried
    & the girl who would never stop trying; finally gave up.


    i wanna believe that i can get over everything that's happened in the last months. i wanna believe that i can forgot your smile, forget your long hugs. the ones that smelled so good, the ones that always left me breathless. i wanna be able to forget how we kissed, like everything in the world was perfect. i wanna be able to forget how special you made me feel. i wanna forget the first time you hurt me, how hurt & betrayed i felt. i wanna be able to forget that because now, i want you back, and it's going to take everything to be able to trust you again. i love you, this whole time, i still loved you. i just forgot about it. it was still deep down in my heart, and one day, i well - i just crumbled and needed you more than ever. i wish that somehow, i could just forget meeting you completely, but at the same time, i want to keep holding on. i want you to think of me later on in time, and think "why did i ever let her go?" i want you to come back and love me once again with everything you have, i want you to regret everything you've done, and i just want you to know how you left me. a changed person, one who still cries at night because of you.  who will always love you, and forgive you regardless of what people tell her, and how many times you keep hurting her.


    i'm tired of our constant roller coaster.  i'm tired of you doing what i want. you're supposed to break me regardless of what i want. yes, i do want you, but you're just going to hurt me again, so just get on with it, and leave me already, for good. every single time you come back, i love you a thousand times more. and everytime you come back, you're just there to play me around, and get what you want. don't you see what i want? i want you, no one, and nothing else. i love you. i've been through so much for you.  but i guess guys just don't care abut girls feelings anymore.

    it sucks knowing that the people who mean the world to you, don't even care.


    fuck teenage years. fuck anyone who’s ever stabbed you in the back. fuck all the times that you thought you meant more to someone than you actually did. fuck falling for someone only to have them crush you. fuck teachers and their high expectations of you. fuck parents who think they know what’s best. fuck anyone who’s ever tried to tell you what to do. fuck anything that’s ever come in the way of your happiness. fuck being human, making mistakes, and feeling emotions.


    i'm tired of waiting around for you. if you want me, come for me. i know that deep down, you do love me. if you didn't, you wouldn't always be coming back to me, because i'm not beautiful like all the rest. deep down i know there's a little voice saying "don't let her go" , but you're just afraid to listen to it because you don't want to be hurt again.

    I can’t simply delete you from my life. It’s not gonna work that way. It’s impossible. To forget you, there's no chance. You changed, i’ve changed but i still have that undying love for you.


    i always thought, what if he knew how he left me, how i felt, what he did to me, and how he changed me. i always wondered what he'd do if i'd talk back to him for once, and tell him he'd have to stop. that i still love him, and always will. i always wondered if he'd ever seen my website before, read these and thought "what the fuck did i do?" now he knows about how i felt, and how he left me. but he still doesn't know about this website. maybe someday, i'll let him know most of these quotes are dedicated to him. that he's the reason behind most of them.

    you can't expect me to be nice to you all the time. you hurt me, remember. you fucked me over, you went behind my back. so i think i deserve the credit to be a bitch sometimes. be a man and take it. somehow, i took in all you did to me. and guys are willing to take anything. so shove your ego up your ass, and take responsibility for your actions because i'm done not standing up for myself. i deserve better.

    it starts off texting all the time. sending each other smiley faces, making each other smile. flirting, staying up late at night just having fun. then things get more serious. you start getting more personal. then you meet, you kiss him, you fall for him. then he asks you out. you date. doesn't matter for how long, but you fall. fall hard enough you don't know what's happening. and when you wake up, you're left with reality. he breaks up with you in a matter of not even a month, or maybe more. but in the end, it's all the same. you always end up with a broken heart. and you keep going back to him because you love him. you'll take his crap, you don't care, because you just want him.


    Sometimes you forgive people not because you feel bad, but because you love them too much to watch them walk away.




    the difference between you and me, i'd never hurt him, while you're a cheating skank who's probably fucking around with him.




    you think you have him wrapped around your finger, that he's all yours. that's what i thought to, until he broke my heart. and let me just warn you little girl, he's going to hurt you to. he's going behind your back already.


    I want you to drown im all those tears i cried for you. I didn't do anything to deserve this. You're just an asshole & you'll never change.




    you still think you got the best of me. you're still thinking i'm waiting for you to come back. heads up boy, i can do so much better than you. you were just a mistake to me.




    I'd rather tear my heart out on my own then have soneone else do it instead, because they'll gradually do it slowly, & painfully over time.




    I wanna be your favorite hello, & your hardest goodbye.



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    goodbye's aren't as hard as people put them out to be.

    she's beautiful, but she'll never admit it. music is her life, literally. ask
    her for a good song; she'll give you five. shirts and jeans are her
    trademarks. when she smiles her whole face lights up. her heart's
    been broken many times before, and you know what? her life moves on.

    maybe your first love is the one that sticks with you because it's the only person who will ever receive all of you. after that, you learn better. but, most of all, no matter what, a piece of you forever remains left behind in the heart of the one you loved - a piece no future lover could ever get, no matter what. that piece holds innocence - the belief that love really can last forever. it holds friendship and pain, trial and error, that one kiss you'll never forget and that night under the stars you can never get back. it holds youth and everything you thought love would be. everything that was proven wrong.

    a man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains
    to keep the woman he loves. if he's not calling you to tell you he loves
    you and wants you back, it should only be because he's showing up
    at your new residence to do it in person...if he's not doing any of that,
    he may love you, he may miss you, but ultimately, he's just not that into
    you. stop taking his calls and let him know what it's like to live without you.
    ~ He's Just Not That Into You

    during a relationship, things will happen. there will be a lot of mistakes, and you might break up. if this happens, remember this, remember why you fell in love in the first place. remember all the times you spent, and all the times you held each other close. remember that you two were brought together for a reason: it's fate.


    people have all sorts of scars in all sorts of unexpected places. like secret road maps of their personal histories. diagrams of all their old wounds. most of our wounds heal, leaving nothing behind but a scar. but some of them don't, some wounds we carry with us everywhere and even though the cut's long gone, the pain still lingers.

    you'll always be two-faced. you'll get what's coming to
    you. you're blinded by your instincts; i'm not your fucking game. i'm not so easily beat.

    we run back to each other when it's convenient. we know that in the end, we're meant for each other but not for right now. so we play these games, act like we're okay when one of us has someone else. when in reality, it tears us apart to know that we can be happy with someone else. but it's that slight hope that we will end up together that always keeps us running back for more.

    i'm tired of getting my hopes up, i'm tired of hoping this time would be different. i'm
    tired of falling in and out of love. i'm tired of being played with. i'm tired of just being
    friends, and hoping for so much more. i'm just tired of it all; i'm tired of being tired.

    i know in the back of my mind that life would be so much easier if i never talked to you again. if i shut you out of my life and moved on, i could finally get over you. but you're the only thing that makes me happy, whether it's right or wrong and i don't have the strength to give up on that.

    i learned a that you can't force someone to want to be with you, and that if you're stuck being just friends with them, then
    that stinks, but being friends with them is better than not having them in your life at all.

    your boobs are as fake as all the bullshit that comes out of your mouth.

    i can either make your day, or ruin it. but for you, i'd rather just make your life a living hell.

    the truth only hurts if you've been a bitch your whole life.

    if you're gonna be a bitch, be prepared to get hit.

    every girl has that one boy, that they'll never get over. that one guy that makes you laugh all the time. that one that gives you butterflies just when someone mentions his name. that one who remembers all the stupid things you say and reminds you about it months from now.  that one who has his name written all over your heart. that one who you compare to everyone.  that one you never get sick of talking or hearing about.  that one you cry over and over about.  that one that no one can understand why him. that one everyone thinks you can do better than.  that one you ask why her and not me.  that one when you first saw him you knew he was it.


    when everything's going well for you, for once, there's going to be something there to change it. you might get that text from him. the unexpected one you spent so many nights waiting for but never got. the one you finally gave up waiting for.  but trust me, you're gonna get the text, & it's going to excite you for awhile until you remember what happened with the two of you. why he broke your heart & left you crying all alone. you'll notice that he hasn't changed yet, & that you can't do a single thing about it. & you know what, i admit, you're going to be stupid. you're going to tell him you love him. but we all do stupid things i life when you're in love. but if you guys decide to be friends, then you can work at it. get him to love you for who you are everyday. because if you look back, that's maybe why you didn't work out. you didn't have friendship as a base, & every time you went back to each other, you both changed & you never took the time to stop & get to know each other again.


    saying hello & starting over, isn't as hard as people put it out to be.

    you know what sucks?  that when you fall in love with someone for the first time, you can't fall out of love. you'll always love that person no matter what. you might stop feeling it, but deep down inside, you still love them. even without talking, that love will be there. & there will never be someone who was just like that person. & the sad part is, you'll never love anyone else the same way you loved him. & even if you find someone else, deep down, you'll still love your first. because true love never fades away.

    truth is, i think you're too good for me. i'm scared that one day, you'll realize that, & just leave me, like the usual. i'm scared that you'll find someone prettier. but the one thing i'm not scared about is that you'll find someone who cares more than me. because that's not true. once i start caring, i'll always care. even if i don't always show it. this is the beginning of something good, and i don't want it to end.

    let me tell you. the pain from the other guy does eventually go away. when you least expect it, it will. when you're just on the verge of giving up, someone new will come into your life & show you what you've been missing out on. i think that everyone needs to go through a painful break up, so that they know they deserve better, and they'll go and find better.

     i know this is just the begging of us, but i feel so much for you already. i feel like we've been like this for awhile now. you're everything he never was. you treat me right, you always make me happy. i don't have to wait for your texts. you don't reply back with one worded answers. you act like you care, because you really do. i know i can tell you anything, and that you'll support me. my best friend likes you, and you like er. your best friend likes me, & i like her as well. we're like that cute little high school couple, the one everyone wants, & deserves to get. & the thing is, we both don't want it to end. we both feel the same way, & if anything happened from this moment on, it would tear us apart.

    your ex is gonna want you back when he finds out you're going out with someone new. someone who he hates. when he sees the adorable pictures of the two of you on myspace & facebook, he's going to be pissed because he doesn't want you to be happy like that. but you know what, just laugh it off. because for once, he's the one that's all by himself.

    some people are easy to get over, they only take a week or two. but sooner or later, you'll find the one  that has changed everything about you, and no matter how hard you try, you can never find the words to say goodbye.

    ever since my wish came true, there's nothing worth wishing for at 11:11 anymore.

    it's amazing how someone can tear you down so much to a point where you give up & when you least expect it, someone better comes along to remind you there's a lot living for.


    i get scared because i don't know how anyone else couldn't fall for you.

    the best feeling in the world is knowing that the one who hurt you is sorry, & what makes it amazing is that you've already found someone else who's way better.

    i'd tell you i love you, but i can't yet. that's your job. but let me tell you one thing, i know for a fact one day, i'll love you more than i ever loved him.

    0 0


    it's easier to admit you're ok, then to have to face the truth.


    you don't need a guy who treats you like shit. you don't deserve a guy who keeps you up at night just because you're waiting for them to respond to your text. you don't need to stay up waiting for him to call. you shouldn't have to second guess him when he's with other people, other girls. if you love him, then you need to trust him. that's a must. you can't love someone, and not trust them. what you do deserve is a guy who treats you like you've never been treated before . you deserve a guy who will be the one that stays awake at night thinking about you, and how perfect you are. you deserve to have that happily ever after. every girl that's been hurt before deserves that.


    he makes her laugh. her laugh makes him smile. his smile makes her world go round. she's his world.




    there are some people worth waiting for, but you cant wait forever. sometimes you just need to move on and see who else better comes along.




    sometimes, you can't keep sitting around waiting any longer. you can't expect to get happy out of no where. you have to work for your happiness. life was never said as being easy. yeah, once you work at it, it does get easy. but it does involve picking yourself up when someone pushes you down. everytime you fall and get back up, your become stronger. you become a better person. and just give it time because i promise you, that someone who will pick you up from all your misery will come along the way.




    As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.




    no matter what anyone tells you, you're beautiful, so keep your head held high because people look up to you and admire you, even if you don't know it. you're strong & beautiful. anyone would be lucky to have you.




    people will tell you they know what's the best thing for you, what you should do. it's honestly not the best idea. you control your life , no one else. you know what makes you happy. follow your heart, shut your head off, and block out the voices trying to bring you down.




    you honestly don't know what you got until it's gone. just because you hear people talking shit, don't go off and believe it. one little mistake on your part could end up hurting you. enjoy what you've got, and don't second guess anything. have fun, and party it up. that's what summer's all about.



    "stop trying to live my life for me, i need to breathe. i'm not your robot."

    - robot by Miley Cyrus <3




    roses are red, violets are blue. love never crossed my mind, until the day i met you.




    "whatever" is my new way of saying "fuck you".



    the good thing about life, the people you hate end up dying anyways.




    guys say girls are hard. we're honestly not. guys, you make us act all moody. you piss us off. you make us happy. you make us cry, you make us laugh. one minute we love you, the next day we love you. every little thing you say just stays with us. we take in everything about you when we're with you. call us creeps, but that's how girls love.



    it's like when you start to lose someone you love, you lose yourself to.


    i refuse to let you see me cry, but we both know i'm not that strong.



    don't you just hate it when some stupid slut keeps trying to go after the guy you like, or that you're with? like really, don't you get that i'm with the guy? i'm not easy, so obviously, he doesn't want you. so why do you keep pushing it? are you that stupid, or are you looking for a few weeks of not having to apply make up to one eye?




    one little thing a guy says wrong can completely ruin a girls mood.




    sometimes i have the urge to be the total opposite of who i am. the bad version of me. the one who doesn't give a shit.



    you can't let yourself be pushed down constantly. you have to set guards on yourself or else you'll always keep getting hurt. no guy is worth your tears, and when you find the one that is, he won't make you cry. stand up for yourself, people won't think of you as a bitch. they'll look up to you. do what's the best for you, and fuck what other people say.




    when you love someone so much, you don't want them hurt in anyway & that's what hurts the most.




    let's be nothing. i heard it lasts forever.




    if you're gonna act like a hoe, you might as well get on your knees & finish the job.



    everyone's at the age where they find themselves changing and growing up. i think it's pretty cool when someone comes up to you and says, "oh wow, you've changed so much". oh one hand, it shows the person still cares about you even though you didn't stay in contact, and on the other hand it shows you can survive from all the shit people throw at you.




    a promise of forever is like telling a girl you're gonna break her heart.




    that first "i love you" might someday just turn into " i hate you".




    bitch, keep talking about me. you make me so famous, i'mma be on your tv screen soon.



    love doesn't kill you, your thoughts do.




    i get scared because it's impossible for someone else not to fall in love with you.



    didn't i tell you that asshole was going to text you one day? but sadly, he didn't say he missed you. he just acted all upset saying your new boyfriend has changed you into something bad. when we all know that's a lie. he's made you a stronger person, and more confident in yourself. and then, those words came. the ones you've been waiting for awhile now. he regrets hurting you. well, that's nice to know, but it's too late. and he says, if you ever gave me another change, i would never do that to you again. well you know what honey, you said that the past hundred of times, so shove that bullshit up your ass.



    good always overcomes evil, so i don't know why you keep trying.



    i think people have a certain amount of tears for every person that  they know. so everyone you know can make you cry so you brain just  gives you a certain amount of tears for them. ive cried over this one  person so much that teres no tears left and all i can do is hurt him,  or myself.



    let's play a love game. i fall, and you catch.



    you know you're truly happy with who you have when you realize you're being treated better than you ever have before.


    everything about you makes my day. you're amazing & I've honestly  never met anyone like you. people can tell me I can get better, but 
    honestly, I really can't. you make me feel so special. you remind me  everyday why you love me. and when you fuck up, you come back to your 
    senses because you're not an asshole like the last one. you're truly amazing & I love you.


    the people you love the most will be the ones to hurt you the most. but they'll come around, and if they don't then truth is, they never  really cared.


    I wish it was easy to delete someone out of your life. it's pretty 
    easy to delete them off your phone eventually. but it sucks if you 
    know it by heart.


    when you love someone so much, you can look last the flaws and keep moving foreword.

    no matter how happy you are, you're always gonna be scared that you're  gonna go through the same thing again. maybe that's why people stop  trying all together because heart break is the worst thing you can go  through besides death.

    people change. your perfect prince charming can turn into an asshole.

     I need to get a big ass eraser and erase assholes out of my life.


    when i saw you, i was afraid to meet you.

    when I met you, I was afraid to kiss you.

    when I kissed you, i was afraid to love you.

    now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you.


    it's like no matter what you do or how hard you try, you're always  gonna get hurt so what's the point.


    I feel so lonely without you.

    I hate not having someone to say "I love you, goodmorning, & 
    goodnight" to.


    the sad part is I know i deserve better but all I can do is cry  because I lost the only thing that was holding me together all this  time.


    I miss you. I miss your face. I miss your beautiful eyes. I miss that  smile that made my day. I miss seeing your name pop up on my phone  everyday. I miss people saying how cute we were together. I miss being  in your arms away from everything else. I miss being happy. I miss you  saying you love me and saying how amazing I was. I miss telling you I 
    love you. I miss everything about you.


    so I guess every guy out there really is an asshole. no matter what  they say, they're all gonna hurt you at one point.

    if you ever did care about me, you'd try talking to me. because having  you out of my life is slowly killing me.


    I know how it feels to spend the whole day crying hoping everytime you 
    get a text, that it's from him. I know how it feels like when your 
    crying and you run out of tears and you don't really know what to do 
    but your left with an insane headache. I know how it feels to have no 
    appetiate for days. I know how it feels like to not smile. what's 
    there to smile for anymore anyways? the person who was making you 
    happy is gone & all that's left is the ghost of your memories. I know 
    how it feels to be broken hearted and lonely. trust me, everyone will 
    know how it feels.


    i guess going through pain is what inspires me to write all these  quotes. I guess happiness doesn't really get me anywhere. and the more 
    you get hurt, the stronger you become.

    I know how it feels to sit on the edge of your bed with your head in  your hands wishing the world would just end.


    the only good that's coming from this is that I can actually go to bed  when I'm tired because I don't have anyone too important to text.  another good thing, I can hangout, fuck around, and have fun. really,  who am I kidding? I can't fall asleep at night because I'm up thinking  and when I'm with other people, I keep trying to compare them to you.  you're honestly everywhere I go. fuck you.


    I used to love waking up to your text saying goodmorning with a bunch 
    of hearts. it honestly made my day. now, I wish I didn't have to wake 

    there has to be a reason why you let me go and someday, someones gonna  be thankful that you did.


    there's nothing to look foreword to anymore.

    and maybe I should of listened to what people were telling me, but I  was too caught up in love.


    sometimes the person you're really meant to be with was there all 
    along. you just didn't know about it. maybe they're not the type of 
    person you're used to, but someone who's a little more shy and 
    sensitive is better. they have a big heart and won't let you down. you 
    just never who you might fall in love with.


    once someones been a huge part of your life at one point, you can't  get them off your mind. even when they're gone.


    let's just keep living the way we did before we met each other, like  we never existed.


    0 0

    i learned that once a guy hurts you, you don't deserve him at all. because if you ever go back, the same thing will just happen again, and your pride of being strong , will be down the drain. yeah, you might of have been happier with him, but like at least now you don't have to wait for that text all night, or worry who he's with, and what he's doing. if he made you worry a lot, he's not worth it either.


    I know how it feels to want nothing to do with people. to just want to  stay shut up in your room all day blasting music to try & block  everything out. then you find that one song that makes you crash. I  know how it feels to purposely blast music so no one can hear you cry.  I know how it feels to get no sleep. you feel worthless. like no one  no longer cares about you. but in all reality, there's someone better  out there who's hurting because you are. there's someone out there falling in love with you.

    don't sit around worrying about him when he's obviously not worrying about you. he doesn't let his mind drift to you, because if he ever did, he'd miss you, believe me, he would. but no, instead, he decides to go out, and be a man whore. because he has a reputation to protect, and he'll never let anyone see his vulnerable side. when he's with his friends, he'll act like a dick. it's just a cover up. but one night, when he's lonely and is just thinking things through, his wall will fall down, and he'll be left thinking of you. and yes, he's going to miss you. but you've already moved on at this point, and then you can rub it in his face that you were right. guys do end up coming to their senses sooner or later.

    he changed you, didn't he? he made you a stronger person. got you to open up to the world more. he's the reason why you're no longer shy. he told you he loved you, and could never imagine of letting you go, but he did that, didn't he? he said you were amazing, and he never met anyone else like you. did it ever occur to you, that he told a bunch of other girls that same bullshit? he seemed so loving, so trusting, like he'd never hurt you, but he did that as well. it's like no matter what you do, you can't trust a guy like that anymore. at least not in a relationship, because face it, you're always gonna get hurt. it's the truth, and it hurts, i know it does. but maybe it's true, you eventually do end up being with your best friend over time. but don't let that asshole get to you. pretend everything's ok, even when it's not, because eventually, you won't have to pretend anymore.

    you never thought he could leave you like this. could give you random  panic attacks, could make you randomly start crying wherever you are. you never thought he'd keep you up at night or that he'd be the reason  why you have so many scars. you never thought he'd leave you either, but sadly he did that to.

    sometimes i think i'll never find someone like you again, but then it hits me. which one of you? the one i fell in love with, or the new asshole no one wants anything to do with?

    it's ok to admit that you're not ok. it's alright to cry it all out, how else do you expect to ever get over it? it's ok to curse his name off, and laugh every time you see his girlfriend because you know what's going to happen to her as well. it's ok to hate her. it's ok to want to rip all her hair out, and smash her head on the ground a couple of times. it really is. anything to get the anger out. it's ok to befriend her, then slowly fuck her over. that's the sweetest revenge. lose a "friend", and a boyfriend all at once. it's ok to ruin things for them. better sooner then later. it's ok to not want him to be happy unless it means being with you. & it's ok to not take him back. no, actually, it's the greatest thing you could ever do. don't take him back. why? you'll only get hurt again. have him learn from his mistakes. because letting you go was a HUGE ass mistake on his part.

    so when you're done talking to her, or you get what you want, don't text me. don't call me up. i won't be here. i'll be gone.

    have you ever stayed up late at night just looking up at the sky?  thinking about what could of been. thinking if he's looking at the  same star you are. then you let your mind drift to when you were  together. until reality slaps you in the face & leaves you crying  because you're not happy. nothing has been the same since he left. and  you try to stop crying but you can't, not even when there's no more tears left.

    act like you don't care. it drives the guy insane knowing you're no longer thinking of them.

    hey little girl, when he breaks your heart, don't come to me trying to be friends. you stole my happiness at one point, you sort of back stabbed me. and you're a whore, i'm not gonna lie. so if you ever try talking to me, all i've got to say is, "i told you so, bitch. what goes around, comes around."

    if you make a mistake once, it's not the end of the world, just don't 
    make that mistake twice. - Rihanna.

    I wish I knew what I wanted. everytime I get hurt so much, I never know what I want. I don't know how to feel or react. is it because my heart is truly broken and without a whole heart, you can't feel & express like you used to? or maybe it's because someone has your heart. & you want it back, because obviously it was put in the wrong hands.

    I think I'm done trying. I'm sick of crying & having no tears fall anymore. I'm not a quitter, but it's as if I'm trying for something that will never be. if we ever got together again, things wouldn't be the same. & I'm not sure if I even want you back. I just want you to want me, so you know how i feel. but I think I give up on you. if I don't, I'll slowly keep dying like I have been.

    i hope her hand breaks when you hold it, and she's allergic to your kisses.

    you know what the sad part is? I remember everything from that day. the way you held me hand, the way you touched me, the way you kissed me. I still have that picture in my head from when I first saw you. that day, I never thought you'd hurt me this much to make me write about you. I remember the things you said, the scene. & the promise you made that you broke a month later. the one that meant so much to me & the one that broke us apart.

    I don't love you anymore. I just wish that you'd randomly call me one day. I'd love to see your name come up on my phone with our picture. I want to hear your voice once again, without the attitude, without the hate. I want to hear you say you're sorry & that you hope I can forgive you. I want to hear you say you haven't been the same since you left me. I wanna fight one last time. I wanna kiss once more & make it perfect knowing that it's the last kiss we'll ever share. I just wanna be in your arms one more time so I can let this all go.

    it hurts, doesn't it? seeing him loving another girl & being all happy without you. he makes it seem like he's happier with her than he ever was with you. but maybe it's all an act. maybe she has him on a leash. but it hurts everytime you go on his page. don't deny it, you know you still do it. and it hurts seeing posts from her & him saying how much they love each other. it makes you wanna choke the shit out of her, doesn't it? you're not jealous of her. you just don't want him to be happy unless it means being with you. but we gotta realize that's not gonna happen. just be happy because it's high school, these sort of things don't last. she's a whore anyways. he'll kick her to the curb. that's all you want. & trust me, that day will come.

    "when i saw you, i was afraid to meet you. when i met you, i was afraid to kiss you.
    when i kissed you, i was afraid to to love you. now that i love you, i'm afraid to lose you."

    it's kinda hard to believe that one day we'll find true love. that we'll find that someone who won't walk away after a fight. who won't break our heart slowly then just leave. because everyone we have at this point says the same thing. that they love us too much to ever let us go & that they'd never hurt us. but it happens everytime. so how do we know when we're not gonna get hurt? don't blame me for being scared all the time.

    0 0

    I don’t wanna be that girl that sits around waiting for you. Crying for you. Just waiting for the day for you to breakup with her. In a way, I’m hoping that she hurts you. I wonder if you’d come back crawling to me. Would I take you back? Every inch of my body says I would, but once I actually take the time to think of it, you hurt me. We’d never be the same. And she already hurt you, and yet, you went back after all you told me about your exes. I might be miserable without you, but I can obviously manage without you.

    you taught me so many things. to never doubt myself, that I'm beautiful & I shouldn't settle for less. you gave me confidence. you taught me how to care for a person. but you never taught me how to stop caring. how to stop loving someone so much. you never taught me to stop thinking about you no matter how much it hurts. you never taught me what I'm supposed to do after this, how I'm supposed to handle this. you never taught me how to give up. because I don't want to. I wanna keep trying for me, for us because I know there's still something there.

    out of every lie I've heard, I think "I love you" from any boy I had strong feelings for was my favorite. for awhile it had me fooled. had me feel like I was beautiful. was at the top of the world. made me feel so happy. my second favorite would be the times you said you were "sorry" while we were friends. it made me feel like I was important enough to still be in your thoughts. and right now, I'd do anything to hear these lies from you.

    I'm scared of getting attached again. I'm scared of falling for someone & just getting hurt again. I'm scared of the consequences. of hurting someone because I'm not sure what I want. people say take the risk, it might be worth it all. but my heart is barely in a position to be tossed around. it's bruised, torn, & scared. I'm scared beyond belief. because a person can only bruise too much to a point where they start to bleed.

    I threw away all the pictures when I was angry and upset. I remember tears running down my face and I was crying out for you. Crying and yelling won’t do anything. You can’t hear me, and even if you could, you wouldn't’t do anything. You wouldn't’t care. You’re heartless, and I hope that someday soon, she goes and shatters your heart some more. It’s just a little taste of what you did to me. Don’t lie. You deserve it. But the last time I looked at our pictures, I smiled. It was like I was there with you. I was in your arms again. That was the happiest I’fe been in months. Until my sister knocked on my door and broke through that bubble. And when I went back and looked at them, I couldn't’t help it. I cried.

    Just because she comes off strong, it doesn’t mean she didn’t fall asleep crying. And even though she acts like nothing’s wrong, maybe she’s just really good at lying.


    Sometimes you only forgive someone because you can’t stand not having them in your life.


    It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone.

    But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

    staying up late really isn't an issue now. you seem to do it every night. you lose track of time, and before you know it, the sun is up. you get so caught up in your thoughts, because that's your favorite place to be. anywhere but reality, because there, you have everything you ever wanted. in your thoughts, everything's still the same. nothing changed, & you're still happy. but in reality, you're slowly dying inside. maybe it's really time to move on. if you keep trying, to be honest, you're trying for nothing. getting your hopes up, just to get them back down. i'm gonna tell you the truth, if you guys don't talk regularly, then there's no use in trying anymore. you're just hurting yourself.

    i wish you'd call me one day, totally unexpected, and i'd get to see our picture show up on my phone. & i wish, i wish that you'd tell me you were in front of my house. just like you have many times before. just like in the old days. & when i opened the door, you'd hug me like we used to, you'd kiss me like we used to, but you'd kiss me differently, as if it hurt because you were sorry for hurting me. & you'd ask for my forgiveness, saying you want nothing to do with her. & that you want me, just me. & sadly, i'd take you back. 


    fuck staying up all night. fuck relying on a guy to make you happy. fuck waiting for that text, call, & IM you'll never get. fuck waiting around for him to break up with his new girlfriend. he enjoys knowing you still care. it's a cute little fucking game to him, and he won't give up. it's his game to play. fuck not knowing what you want. fuck having to please other people. fuck what they want, and do what YOU want. it's your life, not theirs. fuck the tears. fuck the hurt. fuck getting your hopes up for nothing. fuck her. and fuck how happy they appear to be. fuck sad songs. fuck always being upset. fuck guys who constantly play you, and break your heart. fuck the fact that every guy out there is going to hurt you one way or another, so giving it your all won't really matter to them. fuck all their bullshit. clear them out of your head, & just have fun.

    You don’t always have to pretend to be strong. There’s no need to prove that everything is going well. You shouldn’t be concerned about what other people are thinking. Cry if you need to, it’s good to cry out all your tear, because only then will you be able to smile again.


    It’s like once you’fe been hurt, you’re so scared to get attached again. Like you have this fear that every person you start to like is going to break your heart again.

    the pain doesn't really effect me anymore. I actually look forward to sitting in my room alone in the morning and doing it repeatably. it's like a habit, an addiction all most, that you have to feed on to stay alive.

    I'm tired of trusting people. I'm tired of being played. I'm tired of getting my heart broken. I'm tired of being backstabbed. I'm tired of people telling me things that I'm not just to make me feel better about myself. I'm tired of hurting. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of never getting any sleep. I'm tired of having to log into my friends facebook just to see her account. I'm tired of looking at all the pictures of them and how happy they are. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of her wallposts. those should be mine. I'm tired of hurting myself over a boy. I'm tired of ignoring one of my best friends because I'm ashamed of what I've become. I'm tired of everything. screaming parents. annoying sister. having to take care of her. it's summer. I tired of never being driven anywhere. I'm tired of the world and being alive. I'm tired of trying. tired of hurting others. tired of getting my hopes up. tired of trusting someone, thinking I can & then being backstabbed. I'm tired of missing you. your eyes, your kisses, your everything. I'm tired of running mascara. I'm tired of pleasing other people just to find myself being tired of always being miserable. I'm simply just tired of being tired of everything.

    I'm only trying so hard right now because when I stop loving you, I'll never be able to love you again & it would be a waste to throw out a love like this.

    you're hurt. I wish I could be in your arms once again and make everything all better. everything felt perfect when I was in his arms. I miss that. his arms were my only safe place at the time. now my only safe place is my dark room where no one can see me, no one can hear me, no one can save me.

    say you love me. say you want me back. say you're sorry & take me in your arms & kiss me like you never had before. tell me everythings gonna be okay again. that you want me & just me & that you'll stop hurting me. tell me she's a whore & simply a mistake. tell me you need me because I need you more than I've ever needed anyone. you were the only one holding me together after the last asshole. & once you walked away, I was completely shattered and torn down.

    I'm really tired of being in the middle of a thought & just randomly burst down in tears. I'm tired of trying to not think about you. it doesn't happen that way. I don't think of you as often, which is a good start but when I do I start shaking & I can't help it. I cry for me, for her when she gets what I got. for all the other girls out there going through this. for the guys I'm hurting because my emotions are fucked & I cry because it's one of the few things that feels good anymore.

    I never really thought you could hurt me this much. I thought it was just a crush, like back in grade school. how boys were so adorable and icky at the same time. but to me, you're never icky. not even when you let me down. because I never give up on you. I'm keeping my promise even though you've long gone broken yours. & every single time you come back and apologize, you make everything okay again. & it shouldn't be like that. but I guess that's just the impact that adorable has on me.

    I hate the feeling when you know things are falling apart but you can't really do anything about it. no matter what you say to each other, it still doesn't feel the same. doesn't have the same impact it used to. tears constantly fall down your face because you hate this feeling. like you're miserable & you're losing the one who matters & means the most. it's like your losing yourself to.

    I might fall for people easily but I fall for a certain type of person easily. the ones I see crying out for help. the ones with a troubled past. the ones I'd just love to be wrapped around all day with. the ones with big hearts. the ones who cry on the phone & say what's on their mind. but at the same time, that type is the one that does anything to find happiness and does it while hurting the ones who truly love him. I guess every beautiful thing has to have a flaw of it's own.

    it seems when you want someone, they don't want you. and when someone wants you, you don't want them. and when you both want each other, something has to come around and mess it up.

    I didn't think you could hurt me. I thought we just had a fling. but you were running off being all flirty & telling some other girl she was beautiful & amazing to. while you talked to her, you ignored me. & while talking to me, you ignored her. & distance has nothing to do with this. you're just an asshole and you go for the ones who will give you what you want. but I'll laugh when she hurts you. I can't wait for the day when I can go and say "I told you so"


    this is for all the girls who have stayed up crying over a boy. who can't go to sleep because they have to many flashbacks going in through their heads. this is for the girls who scarred there arms for the first time over a boy. for the girls who waited hours for a call and text they never got. this is for the girls who watched their boyfriends cheat and flirt with other girls. this is for the girls who gave everything to a guy and he threw it all away. this is for the girls who believed every little lie, cared too much & fell in love with that boy while being blinded by love. this is for the girls who are sittting in bed crying right now with their hearts shattered in their hands or lost at sea waiting to return. this is for the girls who lost all control over a guy & can't seem to return back to normal. this is for all the girls who have cried up an ocean over a boy & would swim it just to see that guy smile one more time. that guy that they can't get over, no matter how much they try.

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    I wanted you to fight for me. I wanted you to plead to know the meaning behind my “nothing is wrong”. I wanted you to keep your promises. I wanted you to be there. I wanted you to understand and not threaten to send me away. I wanted you to not make me wait. I wanted you to show up at my door, take me into your arms, and kiss me. I wanted you to want me as much as I wanted you.

    I hope someday, you fall for a beautiful, strong, and amazing girl. Your dream girl. I hope you fall head over heals. I hope she ignores you. I hope she pays no attention to you. I hope she wants nothing to do with you. I hope she breaks your heart. I hope from that day on, you realize that’s how you leave girls feeling. Not just one girl, not just a couple. Try a couple dozen. I hope from that day on, you grow a heart and use it well.


    She’s sitting on her bed with the world in her hand. She doesn’t know what to do. Should she give in? should she stay clean? She has so much to live for. Her tears once used to wash everything away. But now, she doesn’t even shed one. No one would have to know. But she can’t cry. She’s been emotionless for months now. She wishes someone would call her, and tell her not to. To hang in there. That she’s beautiful and has so much to live for. But no one can read minds. No one cares. She talks to her angel up above. No answer. Maybe he’s busy. Maybe he doesn’t care. Maybe he wants her to do it. She finally takes a breathe, and kills the world. Watches it flood right in front of her. There’s no tears in her eyes, just a slight smile on her face. She’s found her remedy.

    Take a broken girl. Show her that you love her. Show her that you care. Take her into your arms and let her tears soak onto you. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her everything’s going to be okay. Tell her you love her. Watch her drop the kill.

    I’m not going to sit here and feel sorry. I have no reason to be sorry. I walked away for my own good. I realized I deserve better. I realized you’re just like the rest. I realized you’re shady. I took my pride and walked away.

    Don’t you dare come back when you miss me. I’ll be perfectly happy without you.

    trust no bitch. they all backstab you in the end. be your own best friend. who cares if people say you’re a loser. at least you know you’re not getting fucked over in the end like they will be at one point.

    I’ll know I’ll probably regret not going up to you and kissing you. It’s been running through my head all day. I should of turned back and done it. But something stopped me. I don’t want to get close just to get hurt again.

    I want it to happen because it’s meant to happen. Not because other people want it to. Not because other people want to see me smile. I want it to be real. I want something true.

    Do you somehow intoxicate me?  I’m such a mess when I’m around you. It’s kind of cute. All I can remember is you, and nothing I do.

    When I say sorry, believe me I feel it. When you see me starting to cry, hold me and tell me everything’s gonna be alright. When I ignore you, give me your attention. When I’m quiet, ask me what’s wrong. When I push or hit you, grab me and don’t let go. When I’m mad and I walk away from you, follow me. If I didn’t text you, it’s because I’m waiting for you to text me. When I say I love you, Don’t doubt. I mean it.

    Is it possible to find hope in such an hour of darkness? 

    Fuck it. Fuck everything. Fuck everything falling apart. Fuck guys. Fuck broken hearts. Fuck being emotionless. Fuck people changing. Fuck people and their attitudes. Fuck not being important enough. Fuck trying for nothing. Fuck not sleeping. Fuck staying up all night. Fuck hurting. Fuck not being able to cry anymore. Fuck what you hear. Fuck what you see. Fuck your heart. Fuck yourself. Fuck fake people. Fuck being there for someone who walks away. Fuck friends. Fuck life. Fuck being alone. Fuck being sensitive. Fuck parents. Fuck family. Fuck school. Fuck liars. Fuck people who don’t care. Fuck love. Fuck people. Just fuck fucking everything.

    Just take another pill. You know you will. Just make another cut. You know it helps. Fuck being clean, and fuck faking a smile. In the end, you're left with nothing.

    trust no bitch. be your own best friend. you come a long way in the end.

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